Tech Specs

Sound System

We offer a mixer with up to 16 channels that we run sound on behind the bar.

14 channels on the board are available for input from stage. Channels 1-2 are used for the house speakers.

  • We have 4 vocal mics with stands and one kick drum mic.
  • We have 2 DI boxes providing up to 4 inputs.

All a/v equipment or visuals must be provided by performers.

DJ Booth

Our DJ booth is equipped with 2 Technics SL-1200 MK2 turn tables and a Rane 61 mixer.

You are welcome to use our house equipment or bring your own setup.

Ruby’s A Drag

Drag performers are always welcomed and encouraged! Ruby Deluxe features a private green room that can be used for dressing, equipped with a small mirrored vanity.

On the weekends queens or kings will perform from both our go-go side stage and the main floor.

During drag shows queens and kings will have the entire dance floor to use for performances.