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LIVE MUSIC: Reese McHenry and Good Dog Nigel

Friday, November 4, @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Raleigh, NC
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Reese McHenry

Reese McHenry came up swinging in Northern Minnesota and she didn’t sit still for very long. A true troubadour, her powerful voice has driven her from the fresh greens of Eau Claire to the dusty motels of Albuquerque and everywhere in between. Since settling in North Carolina, this prolific songwriter and jagged performer has lent her fire and talent to a number of recording projects and now turns her attention to her own damn show. Her songs defy genre and, though one could still categorize then as straight-shooting “rock,” the real thread connecting these songs is a wry brand of humor mixed with an ability to catch a hook at just the right moment. McHenry’s true signature, of course, is her emotive blues voice that can change at any moment from soft sweetness to a torrential downpour.


Good Dog Nigel

Good Dog Nigel is the stage name of Parker Emeigh. At 10, Parker would dress up when his mom took him on errands around Lynchburg, Virginia. In highschool, he would dress as wildly as possible, selecting clothes from his trunk of costumes “just to entertain myself and the kids around me.”
At 20, with a strong feeling of not fitting in, he dropped out of college supported by a mixture of his parents’ radical optimism and the thought that you can truly do whatever you want, which it turned out for Parker, was to entertain. If school and the people who attended it didn’t make sense to Parker, when he picked up a guitar and started writing songs as Good Dog Nigel, he had found his vehicle. Parker writes with a purpose of overarching optimism, a desire to reach for the small gems in life and how to help others find and relish them too.
In a time of political unrest and uncertainty, Parker intentionally set out to be non-political. He doesn’t want to be revolutionary; he wants to entertain and be the escape from the negative while constantly sharing his drive for life, art, and positivity.
One thing we can all learn from Parker Emeigh of Good Dog Nigel, a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, is that “life is too precious to not do what makes you and others happy.” His music is there for all of us striving for that ideal.


Date: Friday, November 4,
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Venue Name: Ruby Deluxe
Address: Raleigh, NC
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